Our Spring Book Fair will be held the following dates before school: (In addition to our school fair, we are offering online shopping as well.  Please follow this link for our online fair running March 20th-April 9th.)

March 24th - 7:50-8:25 am

March 27th - Friday, March 31st - 7:50-825 am

The following days during Jr High lunch:

March 29th - March 31st 10:40-11:25am

And on Thursday, March 30th, during our Arts & Academics night.  We will open early at 4:30pm and allow for shopping before you go to your child's classes.   We will be open all evening, hope to see you there.

Orientation 2017-2018

Look for 2017-218 Orientation to be up and running by April 3rd.  Here you will pick your 2 committees for next school year and pay your $25 family dues.


Frankin at Brimhall

As you may already know Franklin at Brimhall is a parent choice school within the Mesa Unified School District.   As such all parents are required to pay $25 in family dues and then become members of the Franklin Parent Organization or FPO.  Since there are 5 Franklin schools within Mesa Public Schools, we distinguish our FPO with FABPO (Franklin at Brimhall Parent Organization).  This website is for the FABPO, we are not affiliated with other Franklin schools.  The purpose of this website is to give our parents info regarding our school.  It also is the landing spot for Orientation, which is all done online and will open for the 2017-2018 school year in April.  If you are interested in registering your student at our school please call the office at 480-472-2600.